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Nanni expertise extends beyond just marine engines into generators too, and the Nanni gensets benefit from the wealth of experience in the R&D department. Nanni’s range of generators is also based on either Leroy Sommer or Meccalte expertise in power electronics, and on Kubota, John Deere, Man and Doosan excellent thermal engineering. All QLS gensets are equipped with light, compact and mechanically robust alternators, aimed to power demanding equipment, whist being sensitive to voltage variation.
Directly linked to the constant engine speed, Nanni marine generators deliver steady power in all conditions, whatever the appliance.

Diesel Engines


Nanni Diesel designs, develops, produces a complete range of marine engines from 10 to 1.550 Hp. In addition Nanni Diesel offers as of this year a range of marine generators ranging from 3.5 up to 526 kva as well as a complete line of accessories that are tailored to the engines offered. Nanni Diesel is able to offer a complete range of marine motorization solutions designed not only for launches, but also sailing boats, sport fishing boats, large yachts and service boats.



Fischer Panda manufactures the only genuine 100% fresh water-cooled asynchronous generator for use in a military, marine or vehicle application.
Our proprietary technology allows us to build the smallest, lightest and quietest generators in the world!
If noise level, size and weight are issues, your best choice is a Fischer Panda generator for AC or DC applications in Marine, Military, or Commercial / specialty vehicle use.




The core business of the company is the development, design and construction of yacht propellers.
Besides their developments regarding, VARIPROP and VARIFOLD under licence from Bruntons. SPW also manufacture fixed-pitch propellers.
SPW have also been steadily cultivating our foreign relations in recent years; they now have dealers in South and Central America, Canada, England, France, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Greece Portugal and South Africa.




New generation Schenker watermakers produce pure fresh water with very little power. Simple, quiet, extra-ordnarily compact, easy to install Schenker watermakers are powered directly from the batteries and do not use high pressure pumps. No AC generator is necessary.
Schenker makes use of new patented Energy Recovery System that amplifies the pressure supplied by the low pressure pumps, enabling very high energy efficiency.

Vessel Monitoring System



Maretron, a world leader in vessel monitoring and control systems, designs, manufactures, and markets leading edge products for commercial and recreational marine markets. Maretron’s products are highly integrated to provide a common user interface to the equipment and systems commonly found onboard a vessel. State of the art vessel monitoring and control products work in conjunction with traditional navigation and monitoring techniques for the highest level of safety and performance while on the water.




From more then 40 years, the brand FRIGOBOAT represents the excellence in the marine refrigeration, with a wide range of systems.
From DC models suitable from 50 to 400 liters, up to 230V models suitable for large cold rooms; standard and custom stainless steel fridge, freezers and wine cellars, ice makers and completely customized cold rooms.

Air Conditioning



The brand Climma represents the state of the art of the marine air-conditioning. From small independent units to customized, centralized chiller systems, fancoils, mistifiers, fresh air make-up units, boilers and air extractors, to manage at 360° the comfort on board.




Powertrain Europe specializes in boat propulsion.
The company manufactures two different systems. Both are excellent solutions to solve the classic misalignment problem for all types of boats with a propeller shaft between the transmission and the propeller itself.

Cathodic protection



Marine Protection Systems manufactures and represents innovative and effective products that protect marine vessels. The specialty corrosion protection products include the Electrolysis Blocker, Maddox anodes and the unique Shaft Grounding Strap. The MPS Cathodic Protection Test Kit is easily used by vessel owners, Marine Electricians / Tradesmen or Mechanics alike to check a vessels potential for corrosion (cathodic performance).




Kobelt produces a wide range of electronic, pneumatic & mechanical controls, allowing for maximum flexibility in implementing complete systems. Kobelt supplies complete hydraulic and electronic steering systems for vessels of all shapes and sizes.
Bronze and stainless steel construction provide reliability and durability every time. Whether propulsion controls on an anchor handling tug, a steering system for a large yacht or an industrial disk brake system used on a drilling rig, Kobelt products are built to last.


* Propspeed is a foul release coating, not an anti-foul, so it does not harm marine life.
* The top coat on the Propspeed system is an ultra-slick surface that marine growth struggles to adhere to.
* Propspeed’s effectiveness does depend on the movement of your boat, therefore the more you use it, the better Propspeed will perform.
* Propspeed sets itself apart from the competition with the exceptionally strong chemical and physical bond between the metal substrate, the primer and the top coat.
* Propspeed can be applied to any metal part below the waterline, including propellers, shafts, struts, rudders, trim tabs and through hull fittings.
* The clear coat can also be used directly on plastic bow-thrusters and underwater lights.


* Lightspeed is the first transparent foul-release coating specifically developed for underwater lights.
* Lightspeed prevents marine growth adhering to the surface of underwater lights.
* Underwater lights generate light and heat, creating conditions that are favourable for marine growth.
* Lightspeed contains no copper, tin or any other toxic substances harmful to marine life.

Vessel Monitoring System


SI-TEX offers a full line of electronics to meet the demands of today’s boater – including professional grade radar systems, high-performance echo sounders, MFD chart plotter/ sounder/ radars, precision GPS navigation systems, heading sensors, autopilots, VHF communications and more.
For nearly 40 years, mariners around the world have trusted SI-TEX to deliver proven technology and rugged, reliable marine electronics that perform in real-world conditions.


Fouling on the face of transducers can reduce their sensitivity, decreasing bottom-echo returns and fish targets. Keep your transducer performing at its peak with Foulfree.
Foulfree forms a slick surface marine growth can’t grab onto, keeping your transducer surface clean and clear. 
Foulfree is a specialized foul-release coating that does not poison marine growth or release any toxins into the marine environment.


Bluefin LED`s unique range of Surface Mounted products offer owners;

High quality and unrivalled performance.
Reduced cost solution to comparable products.
Simple “one person” installation.
Best solution if limited access inside the hull.
No large drill hole required.
Transom or side mounting.
Huge range to choose from
Hydro Block & Nano Coating Technology.